quality time with the sibs calls for quality cookie sandwiches 🍪🍦 not featured: the melted chocolate chip stains on @stephenmed20’s face he still hasn’t wiped off cos he’s saving them for later  (at Tiff’s Treats Westchase)
09.13.14 /17:12
Studying for Chinese this morning was my excuse to drop by the tower and admire this pretty ceiling 🌞 (at Life Science Library)
09.10.14 /14:04
Brunch in #215 today consisted of avocado and egg toast accompanied by fave go-to fruit 🌼
09.01.14 /14:24
✨churros delicioso✨ (at Churro Co. Austin)
08.30.14 /17:05
before accidently running into the bats on congress after eating @dolcenevegelato yesterday 🌛✨
08.29.14 /19:11
delicious delicious jerk chicken + rice and peas + sweet fried plantains = 💆💫😋 (at Tony’s Jamaican Food)
08.29.14 /00:35
Indulged in our favorite banana split for our last date before moving back to Austin. Hazelnut-miso, nutella with marshmallows, and toasted rice flavored ice creams were super goood. I’ll miss you @cloud10creamery 💔 🍦 (at cloud10 creamery)
08.21.14 /21:29

HAPPY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY @stephenmed20!! Can’t believe this cute li’l nugget bby is heading to high school. Love you and @nicolekristin_m sooo much ❤️ (at sugarland playplace)


te amo 

pero eres un estúpido 

y yo soy más estúpida por estar amándote

todo el mundo es estúpido


08.14.14 /13:20/ 192825
closed out our day at the fair with some scrumptious black raspberry & vanilla soft serve 🌞🍦 (at Erie County Fair)
08.12.14 /13:23
lakeside lovin’  (at Niagara-on-the-Lake)
08.12.14 /08:14
drove past sweeping vineyards before munching on tiny strawberry rhubarb pie (my fave)  and freshly made froyo at one of the cute local farms dotting the countryside 🌞
08.11.14 /22:17/ 2
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