just as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be 🎶
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grateful for thoughtful friends who take me to @aclfestival and for being able to live in this city 🌃💕 (at Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL))
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now I lay me down to sleep 🌛✨ (at #215)
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I thought I had posted this yesterday but I guess it didnt’t go through?? idk

but Saturday I trekked up (it’s actually a short drive lol) to Austin to meet up with Jamie and Celina to catch the Deep Web Tour ~

We had dinner at a ramen place (I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me) but it was really good!! I had the Japanese curry with a side of “Sweet and Sour Yodas” which were fried brussel sprouts marinated in a sweet and sour sauce. I really miss having rice and I still haven’t found a decent Asian place in SM so it was really nice to finally have some Asian food in me.

Afterwards we stopped by target, originally to buy a phone charger but the cheapest one ended up being $20 so Jamie and I ghetto charged our phones using the chargers they had for the iPhones they had on display…… lol

Once we were satisfied with our battery percentage we went to a cute, very Austin-y ice cream/gelato shop on 1st called Dolce Neve. They had a bunch of unique flavors with ingredients that you don’t normally see like Plum jam and ginger and lemon. ‘Twas also very delicious!!! Will def take a stop there next time I’m in town.

We finally made it to the Moody Theater for Gambino’a show. Let me tell you, that man knows how to put on a fantastic live show. Words cannot express how much energy comes bursting out of his being when he performs. He definitely knows how to get a crowd hyped up. You could also tell that there was a lot of thought put into the visual aspects of his show as well. There were a lot of digital aspects and you could tell that he’s doing more than just performing, he’s trying to tell a story through every aspect of his live performance.

Although we had balcony seats, they were actually pretty perfect. We were dead center and could see the whole stage without being mobbed and pushed around by a crowd. Normally, I would much rather be in the pit but for this kind of show I think it was a lot better to be able to see the entire stage with his visuals taking up the entire stage. I would recommend catching him again on the Deep Web Tour, but seeing as the Austin show was the last stop, I can’t really say that. However this is the second time seeing him, the first being at SXSW earlier this year and both were fantastic performances.

I really had a great time catching up with Jamie and Celina and leaving Austin with a happy stomach and great vibes. Everytime I’m in Austin I never fail to have a good time and wishing I lived there. I’ll definitely will be seeing more of ATX soon ~

magical saturday perfectly described by my girl Gina <3

reset // perfect saturday ft. @acllive with @childishgambino pt. II #DeepWebTour @donaldglover #gambaeno (at Moody Theatre (Austin City Limits))

perfect saturday ft. @acllive with @childishgambino pt. I ✨😍 #DeepWebTour @donaldglover #gambaeno (at Moody Theatre (Austin City Limits))

smiling because friendship and football and Matthew McConaughey in DKR today 🏈 (at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium)
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chocolate chip &amp; banana pancakes and bacon in bed 🌞saturday morning satisfaction.
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golden hour glory and sunset skyscapes 🌞  (at Fall Retreat &#8216;14)
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fall retreat &#8216;14 | pc to el fotógrafo Andrew Chien 📷
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i&#8217;m on the edge of gloryyy (at Mount Bonnell)
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